Real-Time RADAR Display

The SuperDARN Display is a Python program that provides a real-time plot of the observations of Radars linked to the internet. The applet connects to the SuperDARN web server and displays images of the plots saved on that server as they are sent from the radars.

It is important to remember that the program is working with the actual data recorded by the Radars.

To connect to the Radar please select from the drop down the radar with the name of the desired location.

Then select the radio button for desired graph type and plot type when the submit button is pressed the image specified will be displayed.

Real-time convection mapping is in development. In order to view a convection map, select it from the Radar drop-down menu and press submit (other options are ignored). Currently this is using data from only the radars available on this page. There is a delay of approximately 4 minutes from real time to allow for time to process the incoming radar data. Efforts to improve this are ongoing.


University of Alaska RADARS:

Beam vs. Gate Plot Geographic Plot Time Plot

Plot Type (ignored if you are looking at the time plot):

Power Velocity Spectral Width